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Ultra-Effective Deodorant Protection.

We believe that harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients aren't necessary for effective solutions, and they certainly don't belong on our bodies. 

Doji Natural Deodorant is clean, ultra-effective, and ph-balanced to work with your natural chemistry to keep you fresh all of the time. It naturally kills odor-causing bacteria, fixing the root cause of body odor, rather than masking it like most deodorants. 

The spray goes on clean and leaves no residue, which keeps you (and your clothes) fresh and clean all day long. Say goodbye to pit stains - for good. When you use a deodorant stick, not only is it messy, but you end up reapplying your own stink every time you use it - gross. A spray is just better.

Ditch your messy stick and get with the times - get your Doji on.

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I am a conniseoure of pleasant scents that complement daily living. The best descriptive word that comes to mind is simply delicious. The Royal Spice is fantastic. One spray on my arm and I'm sold. Ordering a Citrus and a Sage scent bottle today. Great packaging, fast delivery, spray bottle delivers and distributes the product well.



This is hands down the best deodorant I have ever used. It takes a minute to get used to the spray, after using a stick for so long, but I’m super happy I found this. I just don’t smell bad at all anymore. It’s been about a month since I started using it and I literally haven’t had any stink since I started using it. It’s kind of crazy but it’s true. My girlfriend has been using it too and I’m going to order two this time so she can stop stealing mine lol. I love the mountain pine but will try desert sage next.

Cameron T


Best I've ever tried. This deodorant works so well at eliminating odor and lasts all day. I love that it is all natural. I'm hooked on it.

Vincent T


My wife is constantly trying to get me to try "all natural" products. I don't trust them to be effective and many times they aren't. Talked me into trying the Fresh Citrus. OK! After begrudgingly using it for ten days I have to admit it works better than my speed stick that I've used for 30 years. Much better! And I really like the citrus aroma. Always had "next" morning body odor clinging to my T-shirt. Not any more. It's not overpowering but very effective for dryness. Gotta love it!

Tom K


I’ve been using this now for about a month and I feel it is the best deodorant I have ever used. Natural and pure and totally masks any odors that might arise, I get scared because it almost seems too good to be true !!!

Bruce H


I've had a rough ride with deodorants, never liked the generic ones for many reasons, and was looking for a natural deodorant that actually kills the BO. This works far beyond my expectations. And the Mountain Pine scent is excellent.

Chris R


Organic Cane Ethanol


Organic Vegetable Glycerin

Coconuts on marble

Organic Citric Acid


Organic Essential Oils


All orders ship in 100% recycled compostable mailers and packaging, completely recyclable & naturally biodegradable.

We are proud to use compostable shipping and packing materials. With 100% recycled padded mailers and corrugated wrap, you can rest assured that your deodorant will arrive in packaging that is completely recyclable & naturally biodegradable.