About Us

We only create products that we'd use on ourselves and our families.

We believe that harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients aren't necessary for effective solutions, and they certainly don't belong on our bodies. 

We believe that companies have a responsibility to make the world a better place by helping others improve their lives in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible. We avoid plastic packaging as much as possible and give back to our community whenever there is an opportunity.

Doji Natural Deodorant is clean, ultra-effective, and ph-balanced to work with your natural chemistry to keep you fresh all of the time. It naturally kills odor-causing bacteria, fixing the root cause of body odor, rather than masking it like most deodorants. The spray goes on clean and leaves no residue, which keeps you (and you clothes) fresh and clean all day long. When you use a deodorant stick, you reapply your own stink every time you use it - gross. Not to mention all that plastic it's packaged in. We believe single-use plastic packaging is a crime against nature and humanity. Doji comes in a recyclable glass bottle and is shipped in compostable packaging. 

Doji Hand Sanitizing Spray is made with 70% ethanol, in line with the FDA guidelines for effective sanitation. It leaves no residue, works great on phones and other surfaces, is gentle on your hands, and has a pleasant citrus scent comprised of all organic essential oils. Like our deodorant, it comes in a recyclable glass bottle and is shipped in compostable packaging. 

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